Reason VI Why Trump Must Be Stopped

Reason VI Why Trump Must Absolutely Be Stopped:

Trump’s Enormous Debts Puts Our National, Collective Security At Risk

At minimum, Trump owes $400 million. To whom, it is as yet unknown. And that is scary.

Eric Trump, in 2013: “We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

Trump’s former tax accountant believes Trump’s debts are actually over $1 billion. Yes, with a “b.”

“It’s the hiding of a vulnerability that is a real indicator” of potential security risk, said Jeffrey Edmonds, a former CIA analyst who served in the Trump White House as deputy director for Russia on the National Security Council. “The more you try to hide something like that (mysterious debt), the greater lengths you will go to keep it concealed.”

Sources: Trump tax documents; New York Times; Washington Post; The Hill

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