Ju On

I awoke this morning not knowing where I’d be tonight. Now here I sit, so overcome with joy inside the American style Italian restaurant Fandango. Norah Jones & Enya calming my fears.

I was searching fruitlessly for a specific veg friendly place as well as an ATM that accepts cards issued outside Japan. I walked the dark, quiet streets of Onomichi–alone, kind of.

I made two new friends–a couple; both medical students. We hiked together to the top of a small mountain to Senkoji Temple. There, we looked out so far over a river and mountains in all directions. The sun set in a lavender sky.

Yet, I fear going “home. ” See, this Air BNB I hurriedly and somewhat desperately found today is the scariest place I’ve ever seen.

I am pretty sure the guy I’m renting from has not been there in at least 15 years. The home itself seems abandoned–a kitchen fridge non-functional, door wide open; a dark staircase; musty back room; a smell of death (or maybe old fish). And I’m fairly certain the collection of bags of trash and their rotting stench on the overgrown front walkway contain dismembered pieces from the last person who dared to stay in this 92 year old haunted home.

Keep in mind that this home is pitch dark now–deathly dark–and hidden away in a maze of ancient stone walkway corridors up a steep climb. I will be the only one in the entire house.

I would literally pay the good folks here at Fandango’s if they would allow me to stay at this table all night listening to Norah. It’s the best feeling in the world right now.

That climb up the mountain tonight was awsome, though…

Please pray for me tonight!

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