Hanging On

5 more days in the gym since Monday. XXXVII days now in the gym with air cast. 6 weeks, 3 days since fracture. I hiked around yesterday for about 23,000 steps. It was a cool winter’s day. And it felt great. Eagerly, I await my final x Ray on Tuesday. I hope it shows complete…

Grinding it Out: Gym XX-XXV

I’m still grinding it out. Faith in the process compels me to push onward in the face of doubts. Tens of thousands of children are starving to death in Yemen. Enough of my bullshit. GYM with fractured foot…1 month & 3 days since injury Synopsis: Sunday, 11/25–Abbreviated Core 4 x ab cycling…:90 seconds each 4…

Why Me?

I still can’t help but wonder: why me? Fractured foot———is this real, or a nightmare?! Just when I’ve been getting back into racing shape. No PRs on the immediate horizon, but I’ve been chipping away. And lately my racing instinct has been on the rise as I effectively put away two competitors in the final…

Gym Work Days VI-VII

Monday, 11/05: Air Running x 2: 2 minutes each time Resistance Band (for hips): 1 minute x 3 each hip Shoulder Press x 4 at 40 lbs Biceps x 4 with about 9 reps each Ab Machine x 4 with 140lbs Hang with crunch x 2 (about 30 crunches each time) Notes: Resistance band hip…

6th Time’s a Charm, Right?

In the dark of night, they were coming for me. I didn’t know how close they were, but in that sixth attempt, I wanted it badly. I went out in the driver’s seat, as my tenth grade student runner Tony had done in last month’s race. Typically, I don’t lead from the gun. I build….

War Is Not Peace

Slavery is not freedom. Ignorance is not bliss. Regardless of what they think, my eyes are wide fucking open. Most opt to remain in the darkness, blinded. Led like cattle through the abattoir, bolt gun to the head, doing what they’re told. I want so much to look away. I don’t want to see him…

How Do I Feel?

Hair’s on fire Heart’s beating outta my chest I’m a fucking pack of TNT ready to explode Gunpowder from the grenade in hand burns flesh Restful sleep interrupted by fitful nightmares Fists punching me, hard Lashing in… …lashing out Am I still bleeding? Or, am I healing ? This is All so Fucked I’m sacred….


Sickening feeling Demons devise, devour G-d! Can I be saved?

Untitled I

He guts us like this Shamelessly, burning us down He fucking kills us

It Burns

Words Burn Like Acid Dripping from a hateful tongue There is no escape (is there?)


They came to me again in a dream last night.  First, my Granny was with me again several nights back.  A couple days ago I dreamed of Mamaw & Papaw’s home–the best ever, in every way: 2715 Alice Avenue. I was there helping pack up things to sell after their passing.  Feelings of emptiness.  …