The Tale of “Peanut”

She is a small, sprightly girl.

She is in the sixth grade.

Her name is Peanut.

I must refrain from smiling too much as I call her name. Her classmates don’t seem to think anything is askance.

In China, some students choose English names close in pronunciation to a given Chinese name. It may not be unusual in Mandarin—imbued as it is with meaning—and with a character such as that for sky—天。But in English….
Hence, “Sky Boy,” at my former school.

Sometimes, kids just choose names they like.

There are Rainbows.
Many Cocos this year.

The ol’ traditional American names, not unusual in USA but more striking to call out in a Shanghai classroom :


(Rooney is also a new student of mine)

And now, meet Peanut.

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