The Kids Are Back, Day II

The Kids Are Back For First Time Since March 11th, Day II: Highlights

—Somehow yesterday I became “Mr. Kyle” after two colleagues called me this in front of students. Now new sixth graders are calling me “Mr. Kyle.”🤣

—A sixth grader in my homeroom who I just met was involved in FIVE different “violent” incidents (a leader’s word) with other students on the FIRST day of school.

—I watched with my own eyes as a sixth grade boy removed ear wax from the left ear of a fellow sixth grade boy.

—My immediate boss had a very justified rant at the end of our second day after she was reprimanded by a higher up. Turns out she was a bit late to cover a colleague’s class (in addition to her own classes and leadership duties). Colleague is just in from New Zealand and still in quarantine. She’s taking on his classes for a few weeks.
With no teacher yet in class at the official starting time on this second day of school since March 11th, a 9th grade boy took it upon himself to film the classroom before a teacher arrived. He then sent video immediately to his parents.

They promptly called principal’s office, complaining, asking why no teacher was in the room.

What kid ever has been so upset to not have a teacher in class??!

What kid is so malicious as to send vid to parents without delay??

A d*** rich kid.

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