Grocery Options—this ain’t Kroger

How grocery shopping is done here now. Full extent of today’s selections—to be delivered in 2-3 days, if we’re lucky. Measurements in kg. (There was also tuna, cow milk and a Thai beer but I didn’t want to highlight those).

We’ve organized ourselves into sub-groups within the compound (apartment complex) to facilitate group orders, using whatever connections we come across. Delivery channels are severely clogged so everyone must get what they can. No time to be too discerning. Vegetables have been easiest to come by due to so many nearby farms. Fruits, not so much. Specialty items virtually non-existent for delivery in past week. So I’m really excited to get the mixed nuts! And the chocolate!!

Also, folks in our sister complex on other side of the canal cannot get any of this right now. They are in a much tighter lockdown in apartments due to two infections found on their side in past week. Hoping we can secretly deliver to them somehow.

Unlike most folks in city now, we really lucked out with being able to order any fruit at all. A parent of one of our students is helping us…

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