The Precipice

The rumors now are a flyin’.

Entire city of 25 mill going to lock down at midnight tonight??

Supposedly not. (But who can truly say?!)

My former school’s colleagues already locked in on campus with students for two entire days and nights now?

Apparently, TRUE. This explains my friend’s cryptic message two days ago and his sudden disappearance from his usual messaging. >>>But why can he not still text me???

My former colleague who’s now in Hong Kong: Sleeping in the classrooms with kids

One positive case and now they are going on night #2

What could be in store way out here in Lingang—at the far edge of Shanghai? There is no telling. However, every staff member and student must report at 09:00 tomorrow morning, Saturday, for mandatory Covid testing.

Hope I get the gentle one.

Let’s also hope we’re all negative. But online learning announcement for ALL schools in Shanghai just came down about 2 hours ago, beginning tomorrow, March 12th.

Today was also the first day I’ve ever had to mask up all day in school. Not the best, not the worst. I did wander down the corridors a few times without it as I’m unaccustomed to wearing a mask out here in China—minus public transit and Disneyland.

More to report later, I reckon. Stay tuned!

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