7 Things About Seoul

7 Noticings about Seoul…

1. Korean women are gorgeous

2. Subway stations are tightly knit, with narrow corridors, low ceilings, brick archways and have a special endearing character. News stands sell a unique assortment of goods including infant outfits & house slippers.

The trumpeting announcement of incoming trains is a wholly unique element of the system here (as is the playful, fun loving ditty played onboard before arrival at each stop).

“Relief Goods” abound in glass cases, gas masks, water bottles, flashlights, extension ladders.

3. Visit Seoul Tower at night. The lights of the city below illustrate how expansive and well developed the economy is in the Republic of Korea.

4. Seoul is filled with vibrant neighborhoods in a seemingly endless array of narrow alleyways, steeply descending stairwells, eclectic cafes and shops occupying various hidden nooks and crannies.

5. Jeoksubang restaurant–essentially a dining hall for the monks living within the building at the Fo Guang Monastery–will reopen its doors, turn on its lights and proceed to cook you up a custom-made meal for two if if you arrive during a low tide time in the afternoon.

6. Seoul is becoming more veganized with at least 5 all-vegan bakeries listed on Happy Cow, including my favorite–Bread Blue, and a new vegan grocery store–Vegan Space– opened in August 2018.

Bread Blue’s cookies n’ cream cake

Be sure to check out Plant in Itaewon (try the lentil bowl, cakes & grab banana bread to go), meet the kind folks at the outdoor (yet heated) vegan spot Maru JaYeonSik Kimbap for Korean specialties and Drunken Vegan if you want some great lasagna with vegan riccata cheese (bonus: look at sex toys while eating your lasagna).

Plant’s skewers

Lentil bowl at Plant

Vegan artistry at Monk’s Butcher

7. Korean women are gorgeous.

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