Asia Summary I

6.5 months since I landed in Asia (leaving once for two weeks in USA). It’s time to provide an executive summary of what I’ve experienced thus far, in parts.

Here’s the first installment.

Reflections & Miscellany (only in a stream of consciousness order)…

1. Harshest land in which to survive: Mongolia

2. Most stunningly gorgeous women per capita: Burma

3. Easiest place to find vegan foods: Shanghai, China

4. People who have given away the most–material things & time–for free (bottles of wines; foods; opera tickets; etc.): Chinese

5. Most outwardly & genuinely friendly: Burma-Malaysia-Thailand

6. Most brutally hot heat index for running: Yangon, Burma

Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Shanghai, China (August-September)

7. Place with widest availability of both fruit juices & fried rice at every turn: Langkawi Island, Malaysia

8. People most excited & willing to help foreigners learn their language: Chinese

9. Most intriguing & unusual place overall: Burma

Part II forthcoming…!

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