Oh Canada!

This is my new life, which I embrace exuberantly: preparing to touch down in a foreign nation–yes, Canada is indeed another nation!–having no idea where I will lay my head tonight. 

Sun shining brightly over our Bombardier CRJ100’s robin blue wings. We circle the airport once, then twice for good measure. Prosperous neighborhoods of tidy homes below. 

As it turned out later, Air Canada hooked me up with a free suite at the Holiday Inn Airport East. Folks there let me use the house phone–marked “House” very conspicuously in red. I called Sprint, best phone carrier, and got the complimentary global roaming plan activated. I used it while in Asia for a month during Expedition: Asia 2016, texting and posting pics consistently with no additional fees. 


My vegetarian South Asian friend at the desk printed out directions for me to the Indian side of town, which seems to spread expansively in all directions. 

I ran six kilometers over here and now I’m enjoying some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had–a Punjabi Thali meal. 

Haven’t been in Toronto since ’96. 

So glad I’m back. If you haven’t been here, book a trip today…

It is my fourth trip to our friendly northern neighbor and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My permanent vacation has officially begun!

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