Today I Am Moving to…Canada?!

Well, I thought I was moving to China today. 

Not even a layover in Toronto was scheduled; just a quick transfer. 

However, the Air Canada plane scheduled to depart from Northern Kentucky would not start. That’s a bad sign. I would not feel confident getting into a plane experiencing “mechanical failure.”

Surprisingly, only one Air Canada flight departs each day from Toronto to Shanghai.  Due to our rescheduled departure from Kentucky, I’ve already missed my connecting flight. I would also miss potential connections from Ottawa & Montreal. 

Therefore, I’ll be staying in Canada all day, night and into tomorrow!

The first stamp in my new passport will be from our friendly neighbor to the north. 

I’m scheduled to arrive in Shanghai now 24 hours later than planned–on the 16th. 

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  1. Andreas says:

    Enjoy Canada! Safe travels!


    1. Vielen dank! Flight departs Toronto in 95 minutes! Let’s stay in touch…


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