The End? No, It’s Only Just Begun…

Summer’s over?

Way I see things, the adventure is beginning…Last night’s job offer in Shanghai shows me there is a wide world out there awaiting discovery. I love America. I have become a quasi-New Yorker. I am a wannabe Kentuckian. 

Yet, I am compelled to seek. Finding myself alone in many ways, I am impassioned to carve out a niche in a different society. To begin a brand new life–even if for a couple of years. 

What do I hope to discover?

Language, culture, community. To see and hear elements of this earth as I never have known before. I want to suck the marrow from life, as Thoreau wished when he went into the wild at Walden Pond. 

A decade from now, G-d Willing, I wish to revel in my life’s adventures; knowing I never settled–always pushed forward…seeking to attain what I hoped for.  Having lived far beyond my years thus far, I hope to live as deeply as possible amidst this sphere as it circumnavigates our flaming sun.  

One day, this sun will die.  Each one of us will pass so much sooner. Every single day needs to be held tightly. Breathed deeply. Never dreaded. 

Obstacles will impose themselves upon us. Tragedies will surely sap some energy. 

May we never forget, however, the One who provides us with each day. May we each push forward–full of compassion and hope–into brighter day after brighter day. 

May my willingness to pick up abruptly and move to Shanghai next week inspire others into similar acts considered crazy by mainstream society [alas, certain commitments have disallowed this particular abrupt move—for now].

Where will I find myself at this point next September? The way I see it, could be anywhere from the sands of Oman to the Sea of Japan to the plains of Mongolia or the fjords of Norway. As I breathe, I will ingest that marrow; absorbing every ounce into my being. 

I hope to–I Will–be laughing, loving, running, teaching, learning, living. 

I will be a man on fire.  

Summer has only just begun…

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  1. Metro north! Lol recognizable


    1. Yes. Very observant of you. Now, which station?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks like mount Vernon ?!!


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