Expedition:Asia Curations Part II

img_4710Most Heartwarming Moments: July 13th-August 9th [in no particular order]

1. Hakata (Fukuoka), Japan

Sumire sacrifices time and energy to drive me out to the port for my ferry so I do not have to ride the bus.

2. Seoul, Republic of Korea

Owner of Bread Blue vegan bakery gives me a free crossaint out of the blue as I partake of their amazing baked goods and green tea frappucinos. He also said “sorry” when I told him I had trouble finding the place.

He then comes by again later and brings me a cream filled bread, on the house.

3. Hakata (Fukuoka), Japan

Aichi takes all of two seconds to jump down ten feet over a railing to a path by Hakata River to retrieve a ten yen (about a penny) coin that fell from my pocket. He searched around in the dark and found it.

4. Hakata (Fukuoka), Japan

Nichi says “present for you” and hands me an iced coffee after I had bought her a vegan donut.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Entire room full of customers breaks out into applause two different times as two different men present large bouquets of flowers to female striptease dancers.

6. Osaka, Japan

Kimiko and lil’ Haruki (both of whom I was meeting in person for first time at that moment) take me on their morning walk to and around grounds of Osaka Castle.

7. Koyasan, Japan

During a downpour I was walking home to my Buddhist temple when a Buddhist monk, with shaved head and saffron robe, rushed over to me and absolutely insisted I take his umbrella. I felt bad as he basically forced the very nice umbrella into my hand. He then walked off huddled next to a fellow monk under his umbrella.

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