Expedition:Asia 2016 Curations Part I

Welcome to the first installment! I was going to begin this tomorrow but I’m looking forward to it too much. Such is the life of someone who has been spending way too much time alone for extended stretches (punctuated by extremely social snippets). 

For new visitors, please check out some posts from the past month to see where I’ve been traveling. 

Hmmmm…..what should come first? I very much want this to be interesting for others; sharing bite-sized (vegan) pieces of insight into my adventures. 

Okay. Top 5 Places Visited (annotated with two photos of each)- based on one or more factors such as uniqueness-spiritual elements-historical or political value-environment-atmosphere-pure fun/social factor [in no particular order]

1. Mount Inari–Kyoto, Japan

2. Panmunjom, North Korea

3. Death Match From Hell–Tokyo, Japan

4. Wat Pho–Bangkok, Thailand

5. Cemetery surrounding Kobo Daishi’s place of eternal meditation–Koyasan, Japan

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