Forging a New Path

For the first time since 10:25 a.m. on April 30th, I ran. It is a gorgeous evening here in The Bronx, New York. I was compelled to rejoin the natural world after my post-marathon respite. I yearned for sun, sky,my friends the trees called out to me.

And for my first run in history, of thousands, I took photos.

Welcome to the Hutchinson River Parkway Greenway. Enjoy the scenery. Lose yourself within the run, though tightness in the groin makes itself known. I was destroyed after my fall marathon. Injury-hernia surgery-sickness-physiotherapy-a break-up.

This is a different time. All signs lead me forward…

So many icy nights, warm afternoons, early mornings…this path has helped sustain me. In the dead of winter, I am very often the only one out here. I need to appreciate every moment.

Concern for the lingering tightness in my left hammy-glute threatens my reunion with this world. “Do not worry. Just act.” I must believe I am doing what is necessary—to recover, rebuild, strengthen. I Believe.

“Hello, again. I haven’t seen you, my groundhog friend, in several weeks.” It is so nice to be back.

“I will soon see you again.”For now, I follow the sun back to Pelham Parkway.

Just act. Trust yourself, by the grace of
G-d. Forge a new path…

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