6th Time’s a Charm, Right?

In the dark of night, they were coming for me. I didn’t know how close they were, but in that sixth attempt, I wanted it badly. I went out in the driver’s seat, as my tenth grade student runner Tony had done in last month’s race. Typically, I don’t lead from the gun. I build….

What’s the Dead Sea Really Like?

How salty is it, really? Ever drunk vodka straight? The saltiness is so extreme, it’s like that in your mouth. I felt like, one accidental gulp of water would OD me with salt. Know how in most oceans-seas-lakes, you run your hand along the bottom and come up with sand, or plants, or mud? Here’s…


I saw through to the Other Side… I ran, and ran, and ran I fall now, prostrate to the Higher One. 

The Icing 

The Icing.  More so than snow, it was the ice continuously pelting my face that made this morning’s run challenging.  I deliberately ran into the eye of the storm–straight to the ocean water’s edge on Orchard Beach. 50 mph winds there blasted ice pellets across my face.  “Please, Lord, lash me!” I cried out.  Lash…


When a portal opens, do you run the other way—or pass through, into the unknown?