The Icing 

The Icing. 
More so than snow, it was the ice continuously pelting my face that made this morning’s run challenging. 
I deliberately ran into the eye of the storm–straight to the ocean water’s edge on Orchard Beach. 50 mph winds there blasted ice pellets across my face. 
“Please, Lord, lash me!” I cried out. 
Lash me. 

Feeling blood across my face, I surged into the heart of an angry storm. 

Then, I turned around & was rewarded with a huge tailwind that pushed me forward; inexorably forward. 
Waves crashed over jagged jetty rocks. The only barrier holding back surging salt water. 
I jumped up onto a concrete wall, walked a thin line over the jetty and thrust my arms into a roiling sky. 

“Thank You!”

About 1800 yesterday evening. Impossible to believe a storm is approaching. 

Same spot as above, around 10:30 this morning. Shooting ice everywhere.  

Part I of double session

Part II

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  1. Caro says:

    Blizzard Day Half Marathon? Nice!


    1. Thanks for checking in and reading!


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