Each and every Friday should be savored and relished to its fullest extent. This Friday, September 16th, even more so.

This week in Lingang, alongside the Shanghai shoreline, has seen: a typhoon throwing its strongest winds in the city down upon our area; 15 colleagues sent home—hours before typhoon struck— in the midst of a work day due to a COVID scare in their compound/apartment complex; said colleagues under compound lockdown for 1.5 days as the rest of us covered their classes; normal high teaching and duties workload in a school where all of us are already stretched thin.

We survived.

Surprisingly, I was called to cover only two classes—one Thursday and one Friday.

Still, having about 7 classes a day including homeroom sessions is a tough day. Luckily, Thursday classes for me don’t begin until after lunch at 13:00. And then it’s just homeroom and two regular classes.

The typhoon toppled a lot of our newly planted trees in the area, 33 I counted just on one side of my planetarium park loop. Hope they can be resettled.

Interestingly, many dragonflies seem to have been unleashed post-typhoon, along with loads of medium-sized, black beetle-like insects flying through our dining room. Found one on my bed last night. First insect I’ve seen there (excepting mosquitoes) in all the days of leaving windows open.

Dishui Lake got a much needed refill. So did the dry irrigation/flood zone ditch in the open field by the Holiday Inn. The flowers are as beautiful as ever—the yellows and reds more vibrant than before.

And, best of all, we made it. We took a tough week, survived and prospered.

Our loyal son Charlie finally got his memorial plaque on the wall at the MSPCA clinic on Cape Cod. Endless thanks to our good friends the Pierce Family. Some of the best friends we’ve ever had.

And now, off to a vegan picnic.

Appreciate it, folks. Every single moment.

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