Trump Endangers American Soldiers

Reason XIII Why Trump Must Be Stopped:

This time, Trump ENDANGERS OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS by making false promises to foreign terrorists.

What Trump Did: This week, a ‘roided up Trump undercut Pentagon & State Department experts who had already developed incredibly sensitive, complex negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Trump just this week promised falsely to the terrorists who sheltered Osama bin Laden that he would bring all American troops home by Christmas.

The terrorists rejoiced! Probably because they would essentially receive from Trump a get out of jail free card: Their wish of troops leaving granted and NOT having to further separate themselves from Al Qaeda—yes, the Al Qaeda of September 11th.

Very Brief Summary: Pentagon & State Department experts already have plans to bring home many if not all of the remaining Americans in Afghanistan by approximately next summer. BUT this is contingent upon the Taliban meeting certain criteria.

Critical among such criteria is further disavowal of Al Qaeda, whom they sheltered during the attacks of September 11th

Why it Matters: Trump’s disruptions, incoherence, lack of strategic thinking and false promises may very well derail talks to actually bring all American troops home by sometime later in 2021.

Furthermore, if all Americans are not gone by Christmas—or by January 1st—as Trump just stated, the Taliban may seek vengeance, further risking the lives of American troops, as well as our national security.

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