Trump Killed a Police Officer

Breaking/Heartbreaking News: Capitol Police Officer dies from injuries after being assaulted by Trumpist terrorists. There is absolutely no other way to put it: Trump instigated the murder of a police officer. Trumpist cult maniacs murdered a police officer at the United States Capitol. Trump and those who ravaged our Capitol are domestic terrorists.


TERRORISM: (courtesy of Trump, Giuliani & Company) Trump supporters smashing into an office where Congressional staff are hiding for safety, with furniture stacked against door. At least 2 explosive devices have been found. One woman shot inside Capitol building just died.

Trump Endangers American Soldiers

Reason XIII Why Trump Must Be Stopped: This time, Trump ENDANGERS OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS by making false promises to foreign terrorists. What Trump Did: This week, a ‘roided up Trump undercut Pentagon & State Department experts who had already developed incredibly sensitive, complex negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Trump just this…

Trump’s Fundraising Letter Shows Why He Must Be Defeated

Reason XI Why Trump Must Absolutely Be Stopped: On the same day 13 White Supremacist Militia Terrorists Were Arrested for Plotting to Kidnap and Execute Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, Trump’s Campaign Sent Out This Fundraising Plea: Note: Focus on the language deliberately used and think about the state our nation is in currently and how this…