Join the Superspreader!

Reason XII Why Trump Must Be Stopped:

If you hosted any sort of gathering in the midst of a pandemic and your guests became sick, with some hospitalized, I trust you would send messages of sympathy, contact trace everyone and not hold another gathering in your home exactly 2 weeks later.

You’d learn an important lesson, I believe.


I’d say at least 90% of us would be at least that reasonable, compassionate, sane.

Yet, here we are. Exactly 2 weeks to the day since Trump’s superspreader event in the Rose Garden, Trump is hosting a rally of several hundred right now at the White House.

Another potential superspreader event (with more to come next week!)

Meanwhile, Trump himself is most likely still infectious, the White House chief of security is very sick & hospitalized, former Governor Christie just came out of the hospital yesterday, & Trump just left the hospital five days ago. Mrs. Trump is sick in the White House, along with several housekeeping staff and numerous aides who are infected and home bound.

Oh, and 10 of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are in quarantine, with two infected.

I’ve yet to hear from Trump a single public message of sympathy—not even for “his own” people.

As for contact tracing…little to none.

Trump’s administration is willfully, maliciously incompetent and counting on us to ignore the fact we are not seeing what is before our very eyes.

DO NOT allow him/them to deceive you.

Yesterday was the highest number of virus cases in the USA—at least 58,000–since August 7th.

At least 900 Americans are dying from this virus every single day.

The total number of COVID-19 deaths in the USA over 8 months is already more than those deaths from influenza in the past 5 years—combined.

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