I Wrote a Punk Rock Song

“Wishing You Away”

Heavy doors hold us in

Bricks wall us off from you

Our air scented with death

Your attempts to blanket our breath

(they will fail)

We are the giants on whose shoulders you now stand

These walls cannot hold us back

Our Father, Our Mother,

Pearl Harbor

Belgium, The Bulge,


Germany, tyranny

A recession, The Depression

We are the ones who have sacrificed,

Now being sacrificed

We are Hopeful

We are disposable

These tied that bind, they bleed us every day

We yearn to be, breathe

You kick in our teeth

Your attempts to cut us down,

We refuse to drown



We sacrificed

Now we are sacrificed

De oppresso—zìyóu自由!

We refuse to drown

Your feeble attempts to blind, jagged cuts through these ties that bind

Will they remember us?

Those who sacrificed, now sacrificed

Together we resolve to disinvolve our lives from you

These ties that bind, blind

These chains, they bleed us every day

We are forgotten


You bleed us every day as you are wishing us away

We are Hopeful

We are disposable

~16-17 May, 2020

Kyle Macy Hall

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