I Wrote a Punk Rock Song

“Wishing You Away” Heavy doors hold us in Bricks wall us off from you Our air scented with death Your attempts to blanket our breath (they will fail) We are the giants on whose shoulders you now stand These walls cannot hold us back Our Father, Our Mother, Pearl Harbor Belgium, The Bulge, Auschwitz Germany,…

Untitled I

He guts us like this Shamelessly, burning us down He fucking kills us

It Burns

Words Burn Like Acid Dripping from a hateful tongue There is no escape (is there?)


He forces his way He has hope for our demise He–not who he was

“The Kill”

Crashing, no one spared. Fearing the flames, consuming And yet, hope lives here


I am the lone boat —- Unmoored Drifting Alone.  Couples kiss, families laugh I walk alone.  The only One in the entire city, it seems Unfulfilled, and yet Life is still beautiful.