Philippines Adventure

Can’t forget that ladder is behind me, dark open water below. Bamboo scaffolding on each side of this boat, speeding out to Osbol. We’re searching for dolphins, will later swim with sea turtles…and, before that, the almighty whale shark.

Guilin and I arrived in the Philippines five days ago. It’s been a grand adventure ever since. Below are a few anecdotes and one or more snapshots from each day of the week, thus far.

What NOT to do when here:

  • See 8.: No “abortion paraphernelia”
  • See President Duterte’s war on drugs, including extrajudicial killings of suspected drug traffickers AND users.

    • Do not “urinate anywhere”

  • Do not urinate or defecate inside of caves
  • Sunrise this morning on Panglao Island

    Saying hello to divers yesterday morning through our glass bottom boat

    Raw banana cake at Shaka vegetarian restaurant, at Alona Beach–Panglao Island

    In the Shell Museum on Panglao. May be worth visiting this tiny place just to step back to a time before museum display cases were ever cleaned, and random Chinese vases grow cobwebs atop cases of fascinating shells.

    And a random shelf of “foreign money” pops up

    Enjoying fresh juices in a very tranquil spot beside a Catholic Church established in 1697 (Our Lady of the Assumption May be the name).

    The famous Chocolate Hills are a fascinating geological feature of sand rising up into mounds, now encased in limestone.

    One other place in the Philippines has similar hills, but far fewer. There are 1,776 Chocolate Hills here.

    The Tarsier primate (but not a monkey) is only found in two locations on Bohol Island. We went to the sanctuary and saw five Tarsiers. It’s a whirlwind tour through their natural forest habitat. Strict silence must be observed so as not to stress them. If encaged or overly stressed, a Tarsier will commit suicide. Suicidal methods include starving oneself to death or smashing one’s head against a cage.

    A giant phallus etched in sand at sunset

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