Flying Into the Empire

It still stands as the largest land empire that ever existed in human history, surpassing the Romans & Alexander the Great in sheer size. 

The Mongol Empire controlled thousands of kilometers of forbidding lands stretching across vast expanses of steppes, mountains, rivers. 

Today (October 1st), I find myself nearly there. 

In under thirty minutes, Mongolian Airlines flight 298 from Hong Kong will be landing at Chinggis Khaan Airport, in Ulaanbataar. 

Yes, Mongolia’s main airport is named after Genghis Khan! (as we say out West)

And I am passenger 20E. 

Yeah, a middle seat. But the nice Mongolian lady next to me, Digu–tall, fairly attractive, with a  ravenous appetite evidently–taught me how to say “sain baina uu” and “bayarlalaa”–“hello” and “thank you.”

Not sure when this will be published. My China Mobile internet connectivity ceased upon landing in Hong Kong. 

But, I will be bringing this adventure to YOU as soon as possible. 

Now, into the Empire I go…

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