Curated Photo IV

Fourth in my series of ten favorite photos of summer, thus far…


In Kyoto, Japan, I was hiking back down sacred and spiritually powerful Mount Inari when I came across a vending machine (yes…only in Japan).  A group of young feral cats, uninhibited, came out from behind the machine to greet me. I took a couple pics. 

Then, this lil’ guy sat by himself in the grass and stared directly at me as I shot this photo. When I saw it afterwards, I was like…”what??!!” Instantly, one of my favorite pics ever taken. 

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  1. College Mate says:

    What a cutie. I love black cats!


    1. I wish I could’ve fit him, safely, in my overpacked duffel bag and brought him home! Thanks so much for checking in!

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      1. College Mate says:

        I wish you could have too. Pleasure’s all mine!


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