Hanging On

5 more days in the gym since Monday. XXXVII days now in the gym with air cast. 6 weeks, 3 days since fracture. I hiked around yesterday for about 23,000 steps. It was a cool winter’s day. And it felt great. Eagerly, I await my final x Ray on Tuesday. I hope it shows complete…


Sickening feeling Demons devise, devour G-d! Can I be saved?


When a portal opens, do you run the other way—or pass through, into the unknown?

Curated Photo VI

The sixth in my series of ten favorite photos of summer. Enjoy! I walked among the 600 year old cedars, scented by incense drifting across the top of sacred Koyasan mountain. I walked among the tombs, spirit lifted by this powerful place. I arrived at the bridge, the gate, another bridge, another gate. I bowed….

Curated Photo IV

Fourth in my series of ten favorite photos of summer, thus far… Inari In Kyoto, Japan, I was hiking back down sacred and spiritually powerful Mount Inari when I came across a vending machine (yes…only in Japan).  A group of young feral cats, uninhibited, came out from behind the machine to greet me. I took…