North Korea: Part II

I’ve found myself in a bit of a black hole phone charging situation here in South Korea so will need to keep it short for now. I hope to be able to post more tomorrow. Thanks, everyone, for bearing with me, viewing my posts and keeping me company during a heck of a lot of solo traveling. 

Here are a few more scenes of North Korea. These are rare to get, as you may imagine. Regrettably, I have not yet been able to walk through a town or city in the North or speak with folks in North Korea. However, that may very well change in the future…

My left foot in South Korea, my right foot in North Korea. Both sides along with neutral nations such as Sweden and Poland, meet around this table periodically.

The heavily forested DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and mountains of North Korea in the background.

The brand new (in 2008) Dorasan train station which was to take passengers between Seoul and Pyeongyang but was quickly abandoned due to incessant war-related disputes. Haunting.

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