North Korea: Preface

Suffice it to say, this has been an eventful day in my life. 

There will be a full report in the near future but it’s late and I’m navigating alone in the bus and train systems of the world’s second largest city, Seoul. 

Let’s just say for now that my day began with my chasing down a charter bus in rush hour traffic near Seoul City Hall, had me walk across the North Korean border at lunchtime and concluded with my involvement in a traditional Korean tea ceremony with a group of Korean vegans. 

Here are a just a few photos for my friends-followers….I want to bring you all to the border with me…and then on to the inside, albeit briefly, of the world’s most secretive society. 

On the highway with mountains of North Korea coming closer. Note South Korean guard tower and barbed wire fencing.

United States Army soldier and I in Joint Security Area (JSA) just aftet the second passport check and the dress code inspection.

A North Korean soldier stands sentry: I had already been told repeatedly—no gestures, nothing in my hands but a phone or camera, ohotos only in twelve o’ clock direction (sorry, no photos of North Korean snipers in the distance).

Crossing the divide: Right (South Korea) or left (North Korea)? I typically choose the road less traveled…

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  1. Joninmariegargoles says:

    Hi! How are you? I saw your amazing blog its so awesome! That’s why I followed you 😀 Wow! I hope to read more of your post. I hope we could be friends also. 😀 Nice meeting you.


    1. Hey! Thanks so much for checking out and following my site! I look forward to reading more of your poetry. I also would like to be friends!


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