I Love Bangkok

I like to write, usually saying more when sometimes less is more. 

For those who saw my previous posts from this great land, you already know about how influential Buddhism and the monarchy are here. Many photos relate to such fundamental elements of Thai society.

I will annotate where necessary but otherwise am going to let most of these photos speak for themselves.

King Bhumibol–“Dad”

Why don’t bus stops in NYC look like this?

My new tailor Sam. Tailor for former prime minister if Thailand, President HW Bush, President Putin, Schwarzenneger snd countless US generals and government officials, and President Obama
Es/Per/O, a great coffee shop next to home where I’m staying

All you can eat fruit buffet restaurant on 18th floor if Thailand’s tallest building!

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

An entrance to the Grand Palace

Inside the Wat Pho temple complex

Giant Reclining Buddha

Thai (soy)Milk Tea: excellent; but way too much ice, guys

Cruising the Chao Phraya in a ferry taxi

We need these fence guards to prevent crazy bystanders from chucking others onto subway tracks in NYC

Back to Broccoli Revolution–a favorite all-time vegan spot

One more Bangkok post soon…Onboard a flight about to depart for Shanghai and losing connection!

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