Would it be wrong to…

…scrap the rest of my trip and stay in Bangkok?

Buddhism’s influence is apparent the second one steps off the airplane
My home in Bangkok–Sathorn Road & Soi 1
Buddhist shrines, ubiquitous here, in front of our driveway
Portrait of former King Rama V, in the Health Land massage parlor
Health Land beds for traditional Thai massages. This is the largest, most sophisticated massage operation I have ever seen.
A men’s room in Health Land
Never before seen a men’s room with fresh flowers
My street food meal costing 40 baht, about $1.05. Street food from gritty looking operations is surprisingly safe to eat here.
King Bhumibol(Rama IX), in power since 1946, is the world’s longest reigning monarch and head of state. There are very strict lese majeste laws here and speaking about the King at all is essentially forbidden and discouraged by threat of imprisonment. This image is posted aling a sidewalk depicting the King as a young man.

King Bhumibol on the throne

Buddhist shrines are even displayed prominently outside of skyscrapers in the financial district, bringing peace and good blessings from Buddha.

A Buddhist temple off Rama IV road

Some sidewalk areas here may look especially gritty but actually have less litter than many areas of NYC, including my own.

I have no idea why this is displayed prominently outside of a Buddhist temple.

A lively nighttime performance at a huge outdoor market area.

The famous redlight disrict of Soi Cowboy. Anything and everything goes here. I was like Elvis Presley walking by the clubs, women flocking around me, taking my hand, smacking my butt, asking to go home with me. Inside the cover-free clubs, it got far crazier–but those stories will cone later…

Dramatically scary looking lockers upstairs in a club where women dance but are not naked but do want to go home with you. Also, a typical no door bathroom where, let’s say hypothetically, 3 attractive dancers/strippers are talking at the mirror directly behind you as you are at the urinal. Purely hypothetical, of course.

Large Buddhist shrine just outside a huge, upscale shopping mall. Tom Hanks movie banner back left.

Vending machine in a mall

Crazy! Dont know what happened exactly but we heard a crash, a woman screamed, and a man was laying in a road with rushing traffic. Just as I thought I was witnessing a death, this man literally sprung up off the pavement, like 10 feet in the air! He lost his sandals snd came up to the sidewalk barefoot. We asked if he was okay. He stood with merely a largely superficial cut on his arm and pavement burns in his calf. Dazed but okay! Amazing. Thought it was a hit and run but a motorbiker then came back around snd was very concerned. A woman brought over a towel to clear blood off his arm. The biker then began cleaning off the blood, something I would never do unless someone was dying, as he insistently asked if the man was okay. It was a remarkable insight into how Thais treat each other in extreme situations. Got off this blurred shot quickly so I would not look like an a hole. Man in striped shirt was injured, biker to his left.

More to come soon!

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