What the F**k is Happening?!

Just received this from boss. If you were here now, in New Zealand, and this was your local neighborhood trail, what would YOU do? I’m in peak marathon condition. I’m consistently running 140+km per week. I’m strong and ready to race. I feel like a prison sentence looms over me like an executioner’s blade.

Peter’s Coming Over for Dinner

Meanwhile, Melissa and her future mother-in-law Karen need to discuss September’s wedding guest list. Ethan changed plans and didn’t come home last weekend, but it’s okay since his mates were also scheduled to arrive and it ended up quieter around here. These are the days of my adoption within a New Zealand family. Originally scheduled…

How is New Zealand Different?

Running down the trail, sulphur fumes permeate my nostrils. Steaming gases rise in the distance. Blackened craters spew acidic steam. Just down the road, a traditional Maori village welcomes foreigners to watch–and learn, for men–the Haka war ritual. Sacred Maori lands are home to Middle Earth, where I ran as close to Mount Doom as…

New Zealand Adventure!

I have to use the ! when writing about this place. There’s a reason it’s become the place to be. Here are annotated photos from my first full day in Auckland and running on Waiheke Island. 😭😭😭Her visa application was rejected. So, my beautiful girlfriend is in the Philippines right now. 我是一个人。 This tree is…

Underground Vegan

This vegan spot located on 15th floor of an apartment building near Jing’an Temple, in Shanghai. Opened upon request with promise we’d bring in at least 10 folks. We brought 14. So, off the sidewalk, no signs advertising any restaurant, past apartment building security, up a back entrance…take elevator to 15. Don’t fear the prison-like…

Honeymooning in China

Just learned today from a Chinese colleague about paid honeymoons here in China… First off, women must be at least 20 years old and men 22 to get married. If you are at minimum age, by law you get 3 paid days off to honeymoon. If you are 23 or older you get 10 days….

Lessons Learned: Yokohama Marathon, November 10, 2019

Here’s the story, in short (in no particular order)… 1. Japanese volunteers, race officials and spectators are more vocal on the whole than perhaps any spectators I’ve encountered this side of Boston. 2. Japanese spectators outstretch their hands more for high-fives than anywhere else I’ve seen. 3. At 28k, there are gorgeous Carnivalesque dancers clad…

Better Than a Snow Day

November 3rd: What’s better for a teacher than a snow day?! When the Chinese government decrees all schools in Shanghai closed for TWO (2) days due to the annual International Import Expo. Yes, that’s right. At the noontime hour, I’m back at my second home–东外滩。The East Bund. Its a second Saturday repeating after the first….

This is the Chinese Dream

I’m living it… Saturday, October 19th on the East Bund Cruising, relaxed, from Rob’s Tower to within .8km of the East Bund’s terminal northern point. My longest training run in China. It’s one of the world’s nicest urban waterfronts. On Sunday, nothing like a trip to Disneyland with my wonderful girlfriend:

Delicious Banana

Friday, November 18–Shanghai, China: Back of man’s jacket: Delicious Banana –cartoonish illustration of a large Banana next to words