Florida Must Close NOW

“Florida Must Close NOW”

Here it is, folks…the straight, hard truth.

The truth you will not hear from our AWOL federal government (except for Dr. Fauci & his team) and Florida’s recklessly, criminally negligent governor (with a small “g”).

I was living in China when the Covid-19 pandemic was still a localized epidemic; then nearly completely squashed within two months.

I was in New Zealand as the virus finally breached its splendid shores; then a 49

day lockdown brought cases to ZERO.

I’ve seen a lot on the ground this year, studied this pandemic daily and read voraciously.

I’m a former full-time Florida resident; still a sometime resident.

Like most of us, I’ve been there many a time. Was there at this time last July.

I have many friends in Florida. And I am a huge Disney fan (timeshare owner at a Disney World resort and Shanghai Disneyland annual pass holder, while taking periodic trips to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea).

I have skin in the game.

Like many of us, I’ve lost thousands of dollars during this damned pandemic, and continue to bleed money.

I have also recently lost my job as a side effect of this chaos and currently have no salary.

Like I said, I have skin in the game.

One thing I’ve observed is that with appropriate precautions—distancing, masks, cleaning, hygiene—and a critical mass of folks joining together in distanced solidarity, many businesses nationwide may remain open during the pandemic.

By open, I mean mostly outside only deliveries, eating, pick-ups, etc.

Outside, as we know, is safer. Around 19 times less chance of viral transmission while outdoors.

This has not been effective in the Sunshine State due to too little solidarity overall and failed leadership at the state level, e.g. Governor’s office.

So, here it is: Florida MUST Absolutely Close NOW.

Not tomorrow, Not next week.


But, didn’t I just write that most businesses could remain open?

Florida is now waaaaayyy beyond that point.

DeSantis—alleged Governor—and a large enough number of severely misguided residents and visitors are to blame for this closing.

They had their chance months ago to do this correctly, blew past the CDC gating criteria/ goal posts far too quickly and set up this horrific disaster now unfolding daily.

I remember about 6 weeks ago, Florida had a shocking new one day high of 1,495 virus cases.

Now, the state is averaging 10,000 or more a day.

Over 11,000 Friday. Another 10,000+ Saturday. 12,400 Sunday. Over 15,000 on one day earlier in the week. Four consecutive days of over 100 deaths per day, then 90 more deaths the following day.

Over 5,000 Floridians have died.

More and more youth are becoming infected. A 17 year old Florida girl just died after attending a “virus party” at her church.

How many needless deaths will we tolerate?

I say, NONE.

And yet, Disney World has just reopened. LEGO Land has been open over a month—no masks required—as well as other major theme parks.

Gyms are open.

There is no statewide mask mandate, even as tourists commonly travel to Florida from all

over the nation and world.

Local newscasts Friday night documented house parties full of drunk young people.

Way too many people still are not listening. Way too many folks are endangering the lives of fellow Floridians; fellow Americans; fellow humans.

We are ALL threatened now by the public health nightmare unfolding daily in Florida.

Just consider the sheer number of tourists—even dramatically reduced these days—traveling to beaches and theme parks, then returning from whence they came.

Texans traveling to Orange County, FL…then back to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi…

Kentuckians traveling to the Gulf Coast…then returning to rural counties already seeing major spikes—Bell, Nelson, Warren…

[Kentucky has BY FAR its highest single day number of cases today—979; approx. 630 was the old record number]

Georgians—where mask mandates are outlawed—crossing the border, gallivanting around, then returning…

It cuts all ways now. Folks are bringing the virus with them into Florida, discharging it, then perhaps also bringing a case home.

The only way out of this spiral into the abyss is for this to happen NOW, for 49 Days*:

*49 is only feasible if there is a true, faithful lockdown with 95%+ buy-in by the general public.

1. Above All, every individual in the state of Florida should physically be with only others in one’s immediate “bubble.” This is most likely your household. Folks may strategically expand bubble to include other loved ones or neighbors who are truly following public health guidance designed to save lives.

2. Mandatory & Enforced statewide mask mandate. Must be worn everywhere outside your home (only exception is when you are spaced more than ten feet apart from others such as in large parks or in rural areas).

$100 first offense

$200 second offense

Escalating fines

** Miami Mayor Suarez (Republican, not that it should matter) is already enforcing similar measures in Miami.**

3. Physical Distancing measures must also be enforced. Neighbors getting too close may be admonished politely.

House parties?

$1,000+ fine. No excuses.

[A house party in Australia was recently fined $18,000.]

4. Every indoor establishment must be immediately and equally closed to the public.

No exceptions. This is not California in March, where churches were closed as marijuana shops remained open.

EVERY indoor space must close.

Curbside pick-up and deliveries, appropriately and safely managed, are allowed.

Businesses and employees must be compensated appropriately.

[In New Zealand, as in most of Europe, all employees remained on payroll and still drew at least 75% of salary/wages.]

5. All theme parks must close immediately. Although Disney World is most likely the safest-cleanest public space in Florida, this closure is primarily to discourage tourists.

6. Beaches shall remain open for swimming and exercise. However, folks must remain on the move—walking, running, swimming, surfing. 10-foot plus diameter circles shall be drawn in chalk to space out parties. Police barriers used for parades and such should also be employed on beaches.

Parties shall only consist of folks within your immediate bubble.

7. All non-essential workplaces shall

be closed immediately. Only truly essential workplaces shall be open—medical-related clinics and offices, for example.

[Schools? You’re joking, right?!]

8. Hotels should be closed except to frontline workers in need and to people quarantining.

Airports should close to anyone not traveling for essential frontline work.

This is primarily to discourage tourism.

9. Every infected person must observe at least 14 day quarantine, isolated to protect others. Monitors will check in periodically to ensure public safety.

10.Contact tracers must receive appropriate funding to complete their critical tracing tasks. Pool testing shall complement individual testing in progress to track virus spread and positivity rates statewide.

**Federal funding and leadership MUST run concurrently with all guidance above in order to truly bring this disaster under control.**

We must show solidarity with Florida and Floridians absolutely must be in solidarity as One.

This is a national crisis.

“A group of spiders United can take down a lion.”

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