Quarantine Day XIV: Day of Hotel Departure & Day of REUNION! 687 Days separated from Serena In 5 hours, I step outside this hotel room for the first time in 2 full weeks. Then, I head home…home at least temporarily being my girlfriend’s studio apartment in Jiuting! Fun Fact: Jiuting is a large neighborhood (such…


Quarantine Day XI 685 days since my girlfriend Serena & I were last together. Approximately 75 hours until we reunite. BELIEVE

The Triumphant Return

November 25th, Thanksgiving Day Quarantine, Day I Sometimes, 1 minute changes the course of your life. After all this—674 pandemic days away—Operation Triumphant Return begins bearing fruit. My girlfriend is no longer 8,500 miles away.Now, it’s more like 8-10. Yet, the separation continues for two additional weeks. Much, much more to come. Patience, Daniel-san. Patience.


The Beatles are playing more in heaven today, welcoming Bill— 18 August, 1961 (Lake Placid, NY, USA) – 01 May 2021 (Zurich, Switzerland) Fellow vegetarian-historian-avid newspaper reader-world traveler… In November, you flew home suddenly from Shanghai to Zürich. Now, you’ve passed on, too soon. Thank you, Bill, for your friendship, fellowship, adoption of little Rocky…


Early Saturday morning subway rides through a slowly awakening city Joining/leading our InterSport Running Crew for team training My girlfriend Guilin accompanying me by bike during long runs along Shanghai’s East Bund All you can eat at Lakeside Veggie on weekends Fried rice Steamed buns Guilin’s tomato tofu Pink’s “Fuckin’ Perfect,” my go-to karaoke song…

How Has YOUR Life Changed During the Pandemic?

I want to hear from YOU. How has YOUR life changed during the pandemic? Here’s a quick rundown for me: ~Firstly, I want to honor those lives lost. I am consistently shocked by the deaths here in the United States. At least 40,000 lives lost as of today. By the fact that at least 3…

What the F**k is Happening?!

Just received this from boss. If you were here now, in New Zealand, and this was your local neighborhood trail, what would YOU do? I’m in peak marathon condition. I’m consistently running 140+km per week. I’m strong and ready to race. I feel like a prison sentence looms over me like an executioner’s blade.

Underground Vegan

This vegan spot located on 15th floor of an apartment building near Jing’an Temple, in Shanghai. Opened upon request with promise we’d bring in at least 10 folks. We brought 14. So, off the sidewalk, no signs advertising any restaurant, past apartment building security, up a back entrance…take elevator to 15. Don’t fear the prison-like…

Honeymooning in China

Just learned today from a Chinese colleague about paid honeymoons here in China… First off, women must be at least 20 years old and men 22 to get married. If you are at minimum age, by law you get 3 paid days off to honeymoon. If you are 23 or older you get 10 days….