Tokyo, Enough Said.

Famous artist Fuka Mariwo teaching me to play the Shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument.

Bump of Chicken rocking out on one of the huge movie screens high above traffic

The ubiquitous vending machine, even on remote corners.

Noteworthy public bathroom hospitality

Open air You Tube recording studio on a street corner

This is how I ordered this food (rice with a grits coating)

two nights ago

[imagine a photo here of a diminutive 85 year old man on a train station platform wearing a hat that says “Too Drunk to Fuck. “]

Ridged and bumped lines to help blind people leading from sidewalk into a large office building

Tokyo National Museum

The only national flag I’ve seen in first four days in Japan. Like Germany, most likely a refutation of an imperialistic-nationalistic past.

Shinto shrine

An original flame kept burning continuously from the flaming destruction wrought by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945


Confluence of Buddhism and Shinto faiths (Buddha on left, prayers written on votive tablets in Shinto style on right)

More later… Party on for now! Got to get back to Death Match in Hell (see above)…

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  1. Caro says:

    Seems like you’re having an amazing trip!


    1. My first trip to Asia is definitely already s memorable one. Thanks so much for checking in and please visit again soon! –Kyle


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