Red Light District: Kabukicho in Tokyo

Honestly, I had no idea my Air BNB apartment would be a half mile from the epicenter of a sprawling red light district–the largest I’ve ever seen.

Incongruous scenes abound: huge open air game centers–everywhere around here–directly next to massage parlors which are essentially brothels; a cinema complex showing the new Dory Disney movie across from a peep show center; a woman asking me:”You want a happy ending massage?”

Japan is an unusual place: There seems to be a rule for everything, including signs everywhere reminding folks that smoking while walking along sidewalks is illegal (yes!). Eating or drinking on trains is also not allowed and no one even eats while walking around.

And yet, prostitution is openly practiced, although massage parlors with large color photographs of comely women are a typical guise.

Here are 5 photos from the Kibukcho redlight district taken just for you all…

These game centers are everywhere
With so many opportunities available, this center exists to assist you in organizing your debaucherous adventures through the district.
Robot Bar

Yes, this samurai (who went to samurai school for training) and the Samurai Museum are also within the redlight district.

I caught this in my left hand earlier when a woman threw them toward me.

I know—rough life here in Tokyo…

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