792 Miles…

…away from my parent’s home, I long for Kentucky. 

And, yet, there really is no place quite like my current home of nearly 11 years in New York City.

Friday night: I attended the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Cinema Fest to see the director Todd Solondz’s new film “Wiener Dog.”

That’s me with Director Solondz (also writer-director of “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “Happiness”).

Then I embarrassed myself while talking with Ellen Burstyn (mother in “The Exorcist” and “Requiem For a Dream”), as I blabbered on about how “my cousin, T Hall–Tom Hall–also met you…I think in Wilmington…” Meanwhile, she seemed very much like she only wanted to be lying in her bed at home.

“Oh, I probably did if it was in Wilmington,” is all I remember her saying to me, as though she had to responded in some way.

Todd, Ellen, a great up and comer named Keaton and an actor whose name I do not recall who is in the new remake of “Roots.” Keaton is a nice lad who told my lady friend and I to “get home safely.”

About 5 hours and 40 minutes after arriving home from Brooklyn, I was enroute to Flushing Meadows Park to race the inaugural Queens 5k…

It was a strong race on little sleep–just like my college racing.

I ate very well later in the evening as a beautiful woman made dinner for us. Here’s an avocado specialty of hers…

The next afternoon–Sunday–I got to hang out with my man Edgar.

Edgar Allan Poe lived for the last 2.5 years of his life in this cottage in The Bronx, called Fordham Village at that time of 1846-49.

Mr. Poe’s beloved wife Virginia died in this bed as he tended to her affectionately. The fresh country air could not cure her “consumption” (tuberculosis).

What’s next for this upcoming weekend in NYC? One can never know for sure; the possibilities are endless. Scan the horizon, then jump right on to the moving train…

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