How do I find a cure?

When the girlfriend moves to the Caribbean, my family is 782 miles away, and I invariably envy nearly everyone else’s job, what do I do? Through the struggle of physical therapy and rebuilding confidence that I will race fast again–and faster than ever–I long for tomorrow.

But what will get me through such lonely turbulent times?


So here we are, at the outset of a new frontier–my website. Committed to becoming more tech savvy in order to run this thing, I tried earlier today to fire up a new photo scanning operation. Regrettably, the first photos will not be scanned today (and yet, they will be scanned by the end of next weekend, I trust!).

At the very least, this first official post is going up. I promise for this site to be a liberating look into the life and times of my marathoning. I will open my training logs to you, gracious reader, as well as my past-present-future. I will share stories about life in New York City and post pictures regularly–once the scanner and computer begin communicating.

I excitedly embark on this new journey and am excited about everyone who joins with me.

Perhaps this is the cure I’m searching for.

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