Trump: Menace to Society

Reason XXI Why Trump Must Be Stopped:

Trump is a dangerous menace to society.

Over 70,000 virus cases in USA yesterday. The most since July.
Nearly 1,000 needless deaths every day.
Wisconsin yesterday hit a new record high of virus cases, the third record this week.

And it’s not only rising case numbers….hospitalizations are rising, ICU beds are filling.

These are sick Americans. Human beings. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, grandparents.

What did the White House Coronavirus Task Force write this week about Wisconsin, specifically?: Failing to limit large gatherings could lead to “preventable deaths.”

Trump’s response? Hold another super spreader rally today—in Rock County, Wisconsin.
Virtually the epicenter of their virus surge.

This alone is precisely why he must be stopped.

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