Get Angry!

2 important items I’d like to share which provide a glimpse of where our country is today.

I hope people are angry that this virus is only spreading further. We should not stand for this needless suffering. We CAN solve this pandemic—but only with solidarity.

Image A: Basic comparison of virus cases yesterday in USA (approx. 330 million) vs. European Union/EU (approx. 445 million, in 27 nations)

Note: This is most likely a conservative estimate for USA, as many test results take several days or more to receive; even as long as 28 days.

Image B: This entire map should be as green as the hills of Kentucky. As one can see, only a handful of states currently meet the WHO global “safe” standard of 3% or less of positive cases of infection per batch of tests (for example, if 800,000 tests were conducted yesterday, no more than 3% overall should come back as positive).

All that orange & red shows us we are a nation on fire, with an infectious disease which we know how to corral—IF, and only if, we work together.

[interactive map at]

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