The Almighty Dollar

I am incredibly disappointed in our nation. Perhaps more so now than ever. This disappointment is mostly with those placing money over human life.


I just woke up this morning to read that some governors are already threatening to yank unemployment benefits back from people if they do not return to work immediately.

Many people don’t even have the money yet and it’s already threatened with being taken away.

News flash! We are in the midst of a pandemic which has so far claimed over 61,000 American lives.

Will Tennessee’s governor be the one serving coffee in the diner?

Will Iowa’s governor be the one jammed next to others on the pig processing line?

The new federal order forcing animal flesh processors to remain open does not come with safety requirements. Nothing about the potential human toll.

It’s all about the dollar.

This is not a year from now. The pandemic in our country has not subsided, it is spiking every day.

This is not business as usual, no matter what alternate reality some politicians are living within.

Real, actual human lives are being lost every single day. Thousands.

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