No, You Do Not Have the Right to Kill Our Grandparents

Dear Wannabe Revolutionaries,

If you want to protest in the midst of a pandemic, stand up for our frontline workers–those risking their lives to heal us, feed us, clean our hospitals. And do it while safely distanced, masked up.

Just stop this mindless “don’t tread on me” bullshit. Your selfish thirst for the spotlight, with many of you crowded together, proudly unmasked, is actually going to stomp down the elders among us.

Our grandparents and great grandparents, survivors of countless wars, pogroms, famines, recessions, and depressions globally, very well may get sick and die when you spread infection to others in your communities. All because you feel a self-righteous need to speak out against the “tyranny” of governors. Governors whose guidance is based on scientific facts.

Over 40,000 Americans have perished thus far. Over 750,000 citizens have been infected. This is the reality.

You supposedly march against fascism. Then why buy into the rhetoric of a handful of long-time conspiracy theorists who are helping to organize these protests? Your belief in these crackpots over sound science; this is truly fascist.

This virus does not give a damn about who we will vote for come November. It only wants to spread as quickly as possible to as many people as possible.

You all are enabling this virus and all the death it spreads.

Many of you most likely agree with the protester carrying this sign: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Covid-19”

He marched around a Statehouse, unmasked, directly next to another man, wearing pajama-like American flag garb (a desecration in and of itself), while carrying an infant child.

You don’t care about risking your life to prove a point?

Just remember this: This virus does not give a f**k. Your life may be spared, but you may very well in turn strike down your grandmother, your best friend’s grandfather, a middle-aged acquaintance still recovering from a surgery or an immune-suppressed college student you encounter at the grocery store.

Your need to parade around wearing a flak jacket and carrying an assault rifle may very well kill others.

So I say NO.

You most certainly DO NOT have the freedom to endanger the lives of our elders, our infirm, our vulnerable.

Stop this anti-tyrannical illogical mindlessness and wake up.

The dead among us increases every day.

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