If I’m Going to Self Isolate, I’m Going to Do it Right

These are tragic times for many. I’m praying more. Blessed to be healthy, but drifting in and out of hard times, prevented from returning to China for who knows how long. Haven’t seen my girlfriend in nearly 3 months. I cannot risk going home and infecting Mom.

BUT, alas, there is hope for me yet.

If I’m going to be lonely in self-isolation, I’m going to do it right: rent a 1907 mansion (a room, actually, but I’m the only one here, hence the mansion!), which resembles the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, in an incredible neighborhood within one of America’s great small cities.

Work, read, study and teach from within my private library, wander around the parlor, dining room, and countless empty rooms, and eat meals outside on my own patio.

Surrounding myself with history, antiques, and possibly the ghosts of former generations.

Trying to remain lively, invigorated.

Admittedly, this house is grander by day, bathed in golden California sun. By night, just imagine living within the set of “Insidious.” Or, perhaps, the Overlook Hotel.

I feel maybe I have always been here, within the Brown’s Mansion. Compelled to be here, always.

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