Ever Feel Like…

…the bottom of your life just fell out completely?

You lost a good friend? (Not to death)

You suddenly booked and moved to a room in a town you’ve never visited, with no friends or family for miles, and find the better deal on the room is because the hostel-like building has 2 common fridges that are not cleaned regularly, to put it mildly, and light switches in bedroom have not been cleaned. One covered in grime.

A hair falls from a clean shower towel.

A viral pandemic spreads outside–hopefully not inside.

I cannot go to Mom’s. I never want to endanger her.

I cannot go to my apartment in The Bronx, where a tenant who hasn’t paid rent since September still holds my keys in his dirty grip.

I am blocked from returning to my Shanghai apartment.

Grades are due tomorrow. I must teach students tomorrow. Meanwhile, I miss my girlfriend more than ever. It’s been nearly 80 days.

I sit in the dark coolness outside eating my cold takeout lunch bought around 8 hours ago.

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