I Am the Police

Not that I’m trying to be, but I kind of am now the physical distancing police.

How is it that a 60-something year old man (in a green shirt) walks by us in the park in La Mirada, coughs a couple times loudly without lowering head, nor covering mouth, nor coughing into elbow nor shirt, then just walks along as if nothing has happened?!

Why were 6 adult male friends, most 40’s-50’s, just meeting up in the midst of park talking, while standing 1-3 feet apart from one another? Then, strolling along together through the parking lot, shoulder to shoulder.

We watched it all unfold from within our burning car. No masks. No cares in the world.

No way I was rolling down a window with those reckless fools bearing on in towards us.

Why were the 4 people in line at 7-11 in La Mirada all standing at pre-pandemic distance? Yeah, a couple guys wore masks, but where in the hell was the distancing??

And why did the really nice guy working the coffee counter at the little independent coffeehouse decide to cough as he was telling us about their vegan doughnut selection?

Lastly, why in the heck was the father pond side in the park allowing his tiny son to teeter along the water’s edge, seemingly at risk of falling and hitting his head at any moment?

What’s going on today in La Mirada?!

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