Open Letter to Trump Voters:

November 11, 2016

Dear Trump Voters,

I pray for us all. Yes, even for those who just voted for donald trump. This letter will be as succinct as possible. It will not refute the countless fallacies of the campaign. That has already been done by many and most are clear for all to see; even by you. You have just spoken with your vote for trump. Now on behalf of the majority of Americans who voted against trump: We talk, you listen*.

You–most likely a seemingly kind, Christian person–have enabled hate by helping to elect an aggressive-demeaning-misogynistic-Anti-Semitic-anti-Muslim-antithesis of Christ who lives without a moral compass. You knowingly and deliberately just told the world: “this is who I choose as my president. I believe in him.”

With ballot cast, no longer can you plausibly say you are against racism, sexism, or even sexual assault. For you just directly supported someone who openly espouses such filth.

Perhaps you voted purely for the next Supreme Court Justice. If so, there is a good chance you are adamantly against abortion, as I am myself. In doing so, however, you have potentially doomed the lives of millions more children alive now. You have also gambled with the health and lives of millions of unborn children who may very well be born into a world without an EPA or environmental safeguards. If trump and associates have their way, protections for our air and water will be things of the past. Budgets for our parks and national monuments will be slashed tremendously.

You gambled very dangerously with the health of us all, as well as with the natural, open spaces so many Americans cherish. Your single issue myopia blinded you from understanding the whole, intricately woven quilt of America.

trump voter, YOU will be responsible when the bulldozers and earth movers arrive, tearing open the soil as towering trees fall from above. As the black gold gushes into our waterways from sea to shining sea, I will blame YOU.

When bald eagles are again being hunted and the Endangered Species Act is gutted, YOU will be at fault. As the last wild elephants are driven toward extinction as your president panders to the Chinese, YOU will be there with him.

When massive cesspools of factory farming death supplant the final small family farms, YOU will be there–hand in hand with the trump administration and his hand-picked Supreme Court Justice(s).

When the EPA is gone and we all fear to drink the water from our faucets….When the Animal Welfare Act is an empty shell and billions more animals become completely unprotected commodities…When the corporate tax rate is slashed by 20% and classrooms can no longer afford books or computers…As consumer protections fade away and our food and prescription drugs become more poisoned…Meanwhile, Wall Street titans will be living it up, no longer constrained by the few reins hemming them in; yes, they will indeed reign with trump and yourself. Hand in hand.

As millions of poor and mentally ill–our fellow Americans– go without medical insurance…And the cute Muslim girls and boys in apartments surrounding mine live in fear as they unfailingly hold the door open for me…And the fascinating diversity of teenage students I teach ask, “Why am I not welcome?”  I will tell them all–“millions of my fellow Americans chose to divide our nation. trump voters cleaved off millions who just aren’t ‘good enough’ to live among us.”

Meanwhile, I’m finding most Muslims to be far more tolerant than many Americans who profess to be Christian.

As laws protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans are repealed and we all become threatened by brand new nuclear armed nations in Asia, ramping up during a new arms race…And human rights protections for people American and foreign are not even an afterthought for someone whose lord is money…YOU are there, breathing air onto the spark.

When rape is no longer an unimaginable experience, but just something that happens during a Saturday night out on the town…And neo-Nazi racist fucks are led to the stage by their proto-fascist president, I see you standing shoulder to shoulder. Perhaps not agreeing with all that is said, but you helped light the flame. Of course, you are to blame.

Will you still be rejoicing when these things come to pass?

trump voters: You just signed a profane contract with an entity from the abyss.

G-d, please help save our nation,

Kyle Macy Hall

*with credit to Native author Vine Deloria (1970)

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