Have you ever longed for an old friend who died? Praying he or she would come back even for just one more hug. One final moment together. 

One of the best things ever happened during my run an hour ago…

A ferocious looking farm dog named Kiara who is actually one of the nicest dogs ever “died” last year; or so I thought. I’ve prayed for her and felt bad at times over the past year about her death. I never knew what happened but did not see her outside in her enclosure last summer or during Christmas.  She’s spent so many days in the blazing heat and freezing storms that I feared the elements had finally stolen her away from us for good. 

Early in my run today–around 100 heat index–I prayed for her, as I have throughout this past year. “God, I hope she did not suffer.  I pray she is in a better place.” Later, I promised in prayer to appreciate every moment again. To not be so morose, now that I’ve written of my travails.  I got out my negative emotions, now I must appreciate life again. 

Every.  Single. Solitary. Moment. 

Then, as I ran by the farm earlier, I see Kiara out front of her guardian’s log home! Could it be??!

I ran up to her, fell to the grass next to her, kissing her cheek and snout repeatedly. She laid her large body down and happily allowed me to lie my head on her stomach, hugging her. 

“I can’t believe it…I can’t believe it, Kiara…You never died!!”

She remembered me. I know. It’s been a while, though. “I will come back with treats in a day or two (and will take photos to show you all). ”

One of the sweetest dogs ever: Resurrected!

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  1. Wow that’s so crazy !


    1. Thanks so much for reading!


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