Curated Photo VII

Seventh in my series of ten…


Face Off

Republic of Korea ( South Korea) soldiers, foreground, stare down North Korean troops in Panmunjom at one of the world’s most dangerous intersections. 

The concrete curb-like barrier in center is the official border between the divided Korea. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) soldier stands sentry in doorway in background. North Korean sniper tower off to right, but I was told firmly, numerous times, to not take a photo of that–or anywhere not in the twelve o’clock position. And this is one of the last places in the world in which you’d want to piss off people. 

Just before this shot, a group of us was escorted by a soldier into blue United Nations building on left, where we walked across the border into North Korea. 

Just behind us is Freedom House, a large bulding constructed by an executive of Hyundai corporation as a place to reunify families living in separate Koreas. Instead, due to endless tension and provocations, it is just a place for tourists. 

Where I stand here for this shot is in very close proximity to the spot in 1976 where North Korean soldiers axed to death United States Army officers Bonifas and Barrett in what is now known as the tree chopping/ax murder incident

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