20 Attempts!

It took about that many to just post this 1 pic from Hong Kong International Airport. Facebook’s been posting my photos well so far so you may also look me up there: Kyle Macy Hall Bronx, NY. (although many photos are “Friends” only, I’d love to “friend” my followers out there!)

So, waiting  to board Royal Jordanian plane to Bangkok. At least 90 minutes late. It’s 2230 Hong King time. I left my apartment at 0440 yesterday A.M. That’s so many hours ago and my gluteal minimus/medius muscle is so trashed right now (strained it on Monday), I can’t even do the math. Literally walking slower than 90 year olds, just blowing right by me.

Hong Kong airport is great. Tons of glass and natural light, a kids’ playground where the little tykes know to take off shoes and put them up in a rack before running to the equipment, escalators/moving walkways which say this traditional Confucian belief about caring for our elders…[trying to post a pic here…] “Take care of children & the elderly,” in case pic never shows.

Meanwhile, hope to get tons of photos and stories up here from Thailand over the next few days. I will do my best!

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