My couch normally does not look like this.

It’s where we watched United 93 last night and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off a few nights before.

It’s a coffee table in disarray. My old flip phone lies alarm-ready near a glass of water from the night before. Stacks of reading materials, so normal for us.

Pop’s shower soap, releasing its last drops. 

An apartment is now vacant. Well, that’s not completely true. Charlie & I are still here. But the humming of familial tunes has quieted.

Just yesterday, so recently, this was us:

Ma & Pa (upper left and middle, cup in hand) sat talking with friends in Scarsdale. 

Life this past week was so quiet, yet vibrant.

Heck, we even got Pop to eat at Rockin Raw–Peruvian Creole organic raw vegan joint on Sullivan Street in The Village. That’s a HUGE accomplishment! That’s us with friend Eric, left foreground, and Mrs. Pierce, his mother (how old do you think this longtime vegan is?).

And just three days ago Pops, nephew Andrew, Mom & I were strolling through the New York Botanical Garden; not a care in the world.


My family is staying 410 miles away tonight in a Hampton Inn in West Virginia. Seems all Charlie & I have now are each other and the debris of wonderful days passed…

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